Life Hack #1: Pretend To Do Stuff Just To Impress People

Life Hack #1: Pretend To Do Stuff Just To Impress People

20/06/2020 0 By Mike

Here is my Life Hack on how to pretend to do stuff just to impress your friends and work colleagues. I just make up stuff. What things do I make up I hear you ask? Anything I want if it’s convincing enough. Usually, it can cost an arm or a leg or your firstborn just to go away for the day. You may say “You’re a compulsive liar”. I say “This is just a way to be with the cool people and do stuff for free”.

Here’s a really good example. If someone asks me if I’ve seen Game Of Thrones and what I thought of it, I got 2 choices to make: Be with the other 6 Billion or so people on the planet and say It was awesome, or be in the 1% group who haven’t seen it. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it. Don’t ask me why I just haven’t. I will probably eventually see it when I’ve got the time or maybe not.

Do I what I do and read reviews and get the plot points and name a few characters. There you go. You’re welcome. If you run out of stuff, to say, make sure you include the phrase: “Holy crap, I can’t believe Jon Snow is alive”.

OK, sound’s convincing, huh? Pretty much I think this is how compulsive liars start. Who knows? This can actually work in other settings like when people ask you if you’ve been to a certain country. I don’t have to spend $2000 on a holiday or actually, lose weight when I can make it up. That’s what Instagram and photoshop is for.

I used this technique when I went for my first web design job. I was asked if I use Dreamweaver – A web design program. At that time I had only used FrontPage – an inferior web design program (I’m so old). In fact, now being a Dreamweaver fan I understand why it was asked. Anyway, I had no idea how to do a web page using Dreamweaver that I bluffed my way through, got paid for the job, and got a great result at the end. I was happy and my client was happy. Actually, it was so easy that I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for it.