5 Nostalgic Activities Today’s Kids Will Never Experience

5 Nostalgic Activities Today’s Kids Will Never Experience

13/07/2020 0 By Mike

There’s a big difference between today’s kids and when I was growing up. For starters, you can forget Facebook & Twitter. Kids today have it easy. Social networking was Mum giving us Vegemite Sandwich and telling us to go play outside and not come back in until she called us for dinner. If we asked “What if I get thirsty?” my mother would reply “Drink out of the hose”. We had to find our own fun.

Making Mixed Tapes

When you have a blank tape, the world is your oyster. Kids will never know the satisfaction of putting a cassette in your stereo and waiting for your favourite song to come on, fingers anxiously waiting on the record button.  This was the equivalent of illegally downloading songs.

Unfortunately, the DJ would speak over the first and last 10 secs of the track. If you wanted to download a song you’d have to hike to the record store and shoplift it yourself. Usually, I would settle for the Cassingle.

Blowing In Nintendo Cartridges

We can all agree that we all looked like idiots treating Super Mario Bros. like a harmonica (or Ocarina), right? This probably explains where they got the idea for the flute in Zelda Ocarina of time.

It turned out this wasn’t a good idea after all as your saliva could rust the connectors.

I can guarantee that this has made a number of my games work again.


Library Card Catalog

If you wanted to find out if Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy was available at the library you’d have to hop on your bike, ride your bike to the library, walk over to the card catalog, open the card catalog, look through the collection of index cards until you find what you are looking for.

The only reason I’d see these as useful again is if I’m re-enacting the start of Ghostbusters.


Sending a handwritten letter to a friend

It’s sad to think that handwritten letters have gone the same way as the Hammer pants (Ask your parents). This is how pen friends were made.

Now if you want a pen friend you have to go into chatrooms. Ironically that’s how I met my wife. Except she found me out of all these weirdo’s.

Come to think of it, she still thinks I’m weird.


Using a VCR

You have never lived until you’ve found the joy of using a VCR. Not only that, who can remember the last time they set the clock on a VCR? Or set the Record Timer to tape their favourite TV show.

This is the 80’s version of Netflix and Chill. The only thing is you’d actually have to go out and get the video you wanted then return it the day after. Not only that, you would ruin the day of the person working at the video shop you didn’t rewind your copy of Ninja Turtles.

People would think you were a genius if you could do both. I’m surprised that there were no courses for “12 o’clock flashers”.