Lifestyle Show For Guys

Lifestyle Show For Guys

05/07/2020 0 By Mike

Cooking and craft TV shows are overrated. Why would I want to spend money cooking or making something myself when I can buy it?

I just saw a guy on a cooking show make a Chocolate Eclair. I’m sure women actually consider making stuff they see on TV. If not it would be banned on TV and there would only be sport and Action movies on TV all the time 24/7.

Guys can’t understand why anyone would want to make anything you see on TV when you can buy it. For example: Has any man said to themselves “hmmm I should make one of those Chocolate Eclairs”? Then chased up the recipe from the website, then go down the supermarket buy all the ingredients, come home and then made one then wait 45 minutes for it to cook? No, we pass the Bakery department while at the supermarket and see Chocolate Eclairs sitting there.  Why bother making it when you can buy 1 or 10?

Another show that is overrated is Better Homes & Gardens. Like most men, I can’t stand this show. But women like it –, especially the craft segment. You know the part of the show where a craft expert / Tonya Todman type woman says “Look at this, have you ever wanted to re-decorate your tea tray? Well, I’m here to help”. Then next they explain that you need:

  • An old tea tray that you can buy from any craft shop like Spotlight ($10)
  • A stencil of some flowers or some other girlish thing ($5)
  • Spray paint ($5 for each colour)
  • Gold leaf paper ($10)
  • Paintbrush ($2)

You’re looking at spending 2 hours and $30 – $40 for a tea tray that you can get from any op shop for $2!

Why do women redecorate and repaint tea trays, coffee coasters and toilet seats? Doesn’t anyone think “I’ve got friends coming over and I need a tea tray, I better go out and buy one”?

Do you know what the worst part is? When you try to make stuff you see on TV, it always ends up looking like something made by a 6-year old that you’ve picked up at a primary school Mothers Day stall.

These shows don’t they cater to men so here’s my idea for a ‘LifeStyle’ Show for men:

Segment 1 – Lifestyle:
Installing an electric fence around your home entertainment system so your friends’ kids don’t put their fingerprints all over your $3000 Plasma TV.

Segment 2 – Cooking:
What to cook when you are hosting an AFL grand final in your own home for you and your mates

Segment 3 – DIY:
Creating the dream man-bathroom.

Segment 4 – Gardening:
Which one’s a weed?